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Reflecting Back on 2012

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this year?   Perhaps you didn't - but I'm sure the year had many highlights.   We recently looked back on our year and found we did indeed accomplish a lot. Did we do everything we wanted to. Probably not.  But that's ok. Taking inventory allows you to reset, make new goals and see how great the year really was. Here are Luna's top 10 of accomplishments during 2012... Worked with Many Great People to Launch Many Great Websi.... read more

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InstaAnger: The Billion Dollar Backlash

What would you do with a billion dollars? I would buy a Gulfstream G650, an on-call pilot and commission Karl Lagerfeld to design my in-flight loungewear. Go big or go home, right? Of course if your name is Instagram (aka FaceBook), a billion dollars only buys a whole lot of controversy. Since Facebook aquired the popular photo sharing app earlier this year, news media, bloggers and social networks have speculated as to how FaceBook would change Instagram. Many suggested whatever changes were o.... read more

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Just Say No: How To Protect Your Brand From Common Social Media Mistakes

Having worked in marketing for several years, I'm noticing an increasingly disturbing industry trend: companies who put their social media accounts solely within the hands of their twenty year old marketing intern.I understand the temptation to hire a fun, hip 18-20 year old in an effort to go viral. They're young. They have 1,000 followers on twitter who watch their every move. They know the latest trends. And therein lies the problem. While Twitter and social media sites can be a priceless mar.... read more

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How to Spice Up Your Website with Free Images

Creating content for your website is really important. It helps ensure your website will get "indexed" by search engines like Google and Bing.  Fresh, unique and regular content is a must for a healthy website. But don't just build out content for the search engines and ignore your users. Your website visitors will enjoy your blogs and articles more if you provide graphs, infographics, photos and videos. You can even get free high quality photos if you do a little be of research. So where .... read more

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What is a Smarter Website™?

Was your website built pre 2010? It may be time for an upgrade. Websites have come a long way and having the right tools to market and manage your busienss are critical to compete in today's online enviroment. We partner with LunaSoft (our parent company) to build Smarter Websites™? Here are some things to consider when determining if your website may need to be upgraded: Editable Website.  You are not able to edit the website yourself. Mobile/Responsive.  Your website is not mob.... read more

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What Exactly Is "Content Strategy"?

In online marketing circles, and increasingly of interest to content creators, and search engines the term “content strategy” has exploded. But does it even mean? It’s a bit complicated, but at a high-level, Content Strategy and Content Strategists work with web designers, developers, user interface engineers, writers and editors to create a cohesive brand and experience for websites. Content strategy utilizes the best practices of a variety of mediums to suit the needs of sit.... read more

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Collecting Data About and From Customers

Smart entrepreneurs follow a road-map to definable goals based on data and logical expectations. But where do we get data about what customers want or need? I’ll cover some of the simpler methods of lighting the path to your success.  Direct Feedback Direct feedback can come in many forms; a phone number on your site, a contact form, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Yelp!). The key is to make it available and easily accessible. At every turn make contacting you easy and reduce all b.... read more

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Building Brand Loyalty and Trust

The goal of every business is to solve problems. Any business, regardless of size or goals works to solve problems for it’s customers and clients.  Customers look for solutions. They search the web for answers to their problems. Daily, for hours at a time. Sometime these problems can be so embarrassingly simple that they avoid asking someone they know; and instead search the web.  It’s one of the great success of the web. We have created a human knowledge base where all q.... read more

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Alternatives to Blogging

Blogging has continually been seen as the best way to create content for a fledgling small business. If reaching a larger audience and spreading your company's message is of value to you, then blogging is usually the go-to method for conveying your ideas. With it's simple, lightweight form, and low cost of entry, it is remains a fantastic way to connect with customers, audiences and clients. Blogging is one of the best ways to understand a company's brand and philosophy. But is it the only way .... read more

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The Secret To Blogging? Document Your Process

One of the easiest and fastest ways to generate content your website is to blog. But what to write about? The impulse to create lists of content drivel come strong to a beginner, but the secret to the maintenance of quality content that leads to quality traffic is providing solution to problems. The web and your website is made up of content. The content that we find ourselves searching for usually helps us solve a problem. Perhaps we want to find a 24 hour plumber? Maybe we’re looking for.... read more

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Real Business Intelligence with Analytics

It doesn't matter what business you're in, the power of data analysis can be a game changer that can teach surprising lessons about your business. Data is the evidence that we have of a strategies success as well as a road map to where we are now and where we’re going. Whether you're already collecting information on your customers or are looking for a way to get started, we hope this quick guide will give you a solid foundation to build upon.What Can Analytics Teach Us About Our Audience?.... read more

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The Power of Community

Creating new users is always important, but creating an environment for the ones that are already there is equally, if not more important. Anyone that works in client services will tell you that a new client is not the same as an old client that has come back. Making it a point to find new clients or visitors to our site is a worthy goal, but taking care of the people already in the fold is nearly twice as important. Creating customer satisfaction is critical at every step in the production pipe.... read more

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Getting Visitors to Your Website: A High Level View

Some people wonder what it takes to get visitors to your website. I wouldn't say anything is really "secret" about SEO anymore - it's just a lot of hard work. At we believe strongly in the power of SEO and Online marketing campaigns. While the work that we do is varied and detailed, here's a high-level view of our methodology to get visitors to your website. I'll develop each of these out in the future with how you can get each of these accomplished. Research Market & Comp.... read more

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Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns for Niche Audiences

Often when creating a business model we assume that appealing to the largest audience possible equals the maximum amount of profits. But the truth is that there is a lot to be said about specializing in a particular section of a larger field. Moving closer into niche means establishing a clear idea of who our potential customers are. Once we know who they are we can move toward understanding how best to speak to them.  Remember,  thinking about who we’re talking to gives us infor.... read more

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Secrets to Online Success

One of the most vexing questions for entrepreneurs creating new businesses or trying to improve current models is how to be successful online. Regardless of your goals, definitions or metrics of success these tips can act a solid foundation to build a business, brand or marketing campaign around.  Be FindableYour customer are out there and they have a problem. Maybe they have a leaky faucet, are interested in learning how to cook, or need to find an apartment, your business has the solutio.... read more

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Creating User Profiles for Business Success

How well do you know your customers? It’s an important question to ask because it’s a crucial first step before we start figuring out how to market, advertise, or engage with them.In the past, we’ve talked about finding out who our users are and how we talk to them, but these techniques are certainly used best when we know who we’re talking to. Taking the time to think about who your ideal customers are to can be an invaluable exercise. Designing the Profile We have two o.... read more

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Company Branding: Why the Little Extras Are Important

When was the last time you received something in the mail that wasn't a bill or an ad for Pizza Hut? Sorry, but Christmas/birthday/holiday cards don't count. You don't remember? You're not alone. If you're like most of us, the majority of your correspondence, whether  personal or professional, is done electronically. 7 year olds wield iPhones with efficiency rivaling that of any CEO, while my nearly 80 year old father isn't at all shy about firing off multiple text messages to well, everyo.... read more

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Pinterest? Digg? Twitter? Instagram?: Deciding Which Social Network

There’s no denying that social media can be a very powerful tool in the arsenal of a small business, but with all of the social networks out there to choose from, do you really have to be on all of them?  Probably not. In fact being on all of them might be a really bad idea.Spreading Yourself Too ThinEvery time you sign your business up for a new social media service you’re telling your customers that you care enough about a platform to use it. There’s really nothing wron.... read more

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SocialCam 4.0: Six Simple Numbers, 136 Years, & Passion for Social Networking

174465. In a society that's hooked on news regarding a billion dollar mobile app, or debating the morality of CEOs who rake in 63 million dollar bonuses, 174465 is a number that's seemingly unspectacular. On the contrary, this number changed the world. The year was 1876. The Date? 07 March. The United States issued Patent No. 174465 to Alexander Graham Bell. Given that early enthusiasm was limited at best, disappointing at worst, chances of our ancestors being early adopters are likely slim to .... read more

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Tricks of the Trade: Secrets of Highly Effective, In-Demand Content Writers

At one time or another, we've all stumbled upon a horrific piece of writing. Typos, 'text speak', and homophonic errors decorate everything from personal blogs, emails, and in some very unfortunate cases, professional websites. It's no wonder writers who possess a strong command of sentence structure, in addition to being clear and concise are in high demand. While not all of us are naturally born to be writers, everyone can sharpen their skills! Read on for a few habits of highly effective cont.... read more

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Introduction to Content Strategy

The web we know is changing. The time where we saw it as a group of static pages, brochures for businesses and the services is now in the distance. Where we are now is a much more exciting dynamic and interesting age for people who live, work and run business on the web. Having a plan is more important than ever, and here’s the truth: your site isn’t going anywhere unless you have a plan for it. This is where Content Strategy comes in. Content Strategy is an emerging discipline .... read more

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Deadly Assumptions: Why A Site Re-Design Is Only Part of the Puzzle

You recently made the decision to re-design your website. You found a great company, went all out, and the wow-factor of the new site is impressive. The work ends there, right? No. On the contrary, you're really just getting started. While a new design aids in building a brand image, continually adding unique and engaging content provides a hook. Not only is this a great way to aid in increasing site traffic, it can also provide an edge over the competition. When you offer additional value to yo.... read more

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Social Media: A Party For Your Customers - Part 2: Facebook and Twitter

This entry is 2  of a 3 part series. For the full experience make sure to read: - "Social Media: A Party For Your Customers - Part 1: Joining the Party".   Facebook: The Living Room Party Facebook can be, and is definitely used in a variety of ways. From disseminating information to saying hello to old friends. The most rewarding use of Facebook for users comes from not being bombarded with information. Users of Facebook tend to see their stream as akin to a living room party.... read more

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Social Media: A Party For Your Customers - Part 1: Joining the Party

If you’re a small business owner looking to utilize Social Media as a tool to strengthen your brand or market your business, it may be difficult to tell the difference between Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and general purpose blogging. From a distance all social media can look the same. We’d like to provide you an absolute beginners guide to understanding interactions in social media. You Don’t Need To Be Everywhere At Once It can feel a bit overwhelming having to .... read more

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Video Made The Internet A Star

Here at Lunawebs we encourage video use by offering our clients a competitively priced in-house video production studio. Smart entrepreneurs and successful business owners realize that offering video clips on their sites and dedicated YouTube channels is a killer way to market their business as well as raise brand awareness. Take into consideration that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and you’ll come to the realization that video is more powerful than a l.... read more

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