October 2008

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Web Development Terminology - Database

I am sure a lot of you are familiar with this what a database is, but in the web firm business we come across some who are still unaware of what a database is and what it is good for. Essentially a database is a place to store data. Common choices for database engines are Mysql, MsSQL, Postgresql and Oracle. A database engine gives you some functionality built around a database and will take care of storing the data in a matter that makes it easily and quickly retreivable later. To get an unders.... read more

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Web Development Terminology - Spec Doc/Requirements Doc

Sometimes in the web industry, when you approach a web firm with a somewhat larger project they will ask you for a specifications document ( spec doc ) or a requirements doc. In a nutshell, a spec doc has all your requirements for your website. It will usually list what pages you want, what overall features you want and any special logic you require. If there is complex logic for certain areas of the website it may be best to document each of those areas adequately to avoid confusion when the we.... read more

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Write in Your Vote

You can write in your vote
You can Write in Your vote for president of the United States in November. This is a website that's got some fun to it. It's like MySpace or other social networking sites in that you can create a profile, edit it and add content, but it's catered to the 2008 election for president. We built this because we've heard that so many people are fed up with the choices for presidential candidate. Well guess what - you don't have to choose a candidate on the ballot. You can write in your vote and have a.... read more

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Wireframes - Functionality NOT Layout

So...what do you want the site to do again? Design is the SECOND more important element to any website. The first is the objective. There are usually two. A wireframe should cover the functionality which should exist. Tools handy for doing this are Microsoft Visio (for Microsoft users) and Freemind for the Open Source inclined. Whatever you choose to use, do your designer a favor and be explict in the primary and secondary objectives of the site. Don't try and design unless you're a designer. . read more

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Firemail: Landscape Email for iPhone (and it’s free!)

Consumers and Lunawebs customers alike have talked about a keyboard for the iPhone. There has been at least one pending and overdue for months. A great alternative to this was the landscape keyboard, first avaialbe using TouchType, for only 99 cents. You can now save yourself almost a dollar by downlaoding Firemall for free. WooHoo! . read more

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Facebook: Friend or Foe

I just started a face book account last night. Yeah I know, I am about three years late. So I am trying to learn all the ins and outs. I wish I could say this is the coolest web app ever, but I can't. I see it as a great networking tool. It allows me the opportunity to talk to people from my past that I normally would not ever have the chance connect with again. My fist complaint is not being able to add multiple schools. During the course of my high school career I attended three different scho.... read more

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Web Terminology - Javascript

In our last segment, we discussed AJAX. The most vital component of AJAX is javascript. In a nutshell, javascript is a programming language that runs in your internet browser. It allows programmers to run logic on a web page as you view the page, client side. In web pages you have some basic components: xhtml, css style layout, media and javascript. Everything on a page except javascript acts as dummy static content. This means that things like xhtml/css and media can not really compute values, .... read more

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My Top iPhone Tips & Tricks

These tricks took be the longest to find and were the most helpful. Easily go back and edit text while typing. Hold your finger on the word you are typing and the magnifiying glass will appear. This will allow you to move through your text, up-down-left-right, very easily. Easy period. Double tap the space bar to auto-enter a period. Favorites. Access your favorites at any time when your phone is unlocked by double-taping the home button. Great for avoiding looking up numbers in your contact li.... read more

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