Our Company: About LunaStudios

We like to keep things Clean, Simple and Easy®...in everything we do. 

LunaWebs.com Corporate Headquarters
in The Historic Clift Building

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah - we service clients world-wide. Half of our customer base resides in Utah while the other half are located in states as far East as Massachusetts & Florida, and West to California.

Luna builds more than websites. We create sales tools that cater to your audience. We design and build software. Our creative arm is LunaStudios.com and our software arm is LunaSoft.com.

We know that when you succeed we will too. We strive to provide great customer service because it's the right thing to do. Our web team has over 30 years of combined web development,, web design and graphic design experience. We offer business managed web hosting services to keep everything in house for our clients. As one of Utah's leading SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms we also provide highly effective internet marketing strategies.

Mission Statement

LunaWebs.com is dedicated to creating attractive, fast-loading, web site designs that are Clean, Simple and Easy® to use. We keep this motto in mind for all projects whether web, print, multi-media, e-commerce or custom online software.

We try to keep these 3 words: "Clean, Simple & Easy®", at the core of everything we do.

We keep this in mind whether building a website, designing print media or producing video. We believe that these three words should be at the core of our customer service, project management and communication.