Website Design: Testimonials 

We strive for 100% client satisfaction.

Heather WendellHeather Wendell - Founder, Isola Isabella
Miami, Florida

My website is critical to my business. So when I needed to decide whether to hire a webmaster in-house or outsource to an existing firm, Luna made the decision easy. They not only handle my ongoing web maintenance, but they also assist with marketing materials and graphic design. Their abilities are outstanding. It's nice to have one firm take care of both sides of the business.

Kelsey StewartKelsey Stewart - President, SearchOneWorld
Indianapolis, Indiana

LunaWebs has maintained my network of search engines for over 4 years now. Even when I have requested late night emergency support, they have found a way to cater to my needs. Their quality of work, expert engineers and most of all - their ability to be part of my team has made them an indisposable assett to my organization.

CB Smith - President,
Boston, Massachusetts

I visited several professional design companies and found LunaWebs was best able to handle all aspects of our online business. Luna is professional, easy to deal with and does high quality work. The end product is a website which strengthened our brand identity, is visually appealing and easy for customers to navigate. Luna also handles our SEO, online PR & marketing, and helped integrate our brand with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Blaine ReithmeierBlain Rethmeier - Senior Vice President, American Insurance Association
Washington, D.C.

We have a very capable in-house IT team that manages our web properties. When it came to revamping our website however, we knew we needed a firm with proven creative capabilities to allow our team to focus on their core duties. Luna worked with our committees from creative briefing, revisions and launch. They made us feel like we were working together as one organization.

Robert WalzelRobert Walzel - Director, University of Utah, School of Music
Salt Lake City, Utah

We researched several web companies, but when it came to making a final decision, we went with Luna because they treated us like real people. We've seen many organizations that are large, but forget about the personal touch. Luna's team is responsive, understanding and willing to take the time needed to communicate with a larger entity like ours.

Paul Stevens - Utah Medical Education Council
Salt Lake City, Utah

We hired Luna for a complete redesign of our old website. We needed to give our online presence a facelift and also have the ability to edit and build web pages ourselves. We're very pleased with the new design and layout and being able to maintain the site without knowing html is fantastic!