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The Great Smartphone Debate

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 8.47.26 AM.png
It could be the most heated debated rivalry of the century. It's a question that has caused passionate arguments across the world: Which is better, iOS or Android? You could walk into a room full of people and ask each one which is their favorite smartphone operating system, and the odds are pretty good that most would have a preference. Some would even be able to explain why one is better, despite having never really used the other. it's interesting that it appears that smartphone users a.... read more

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The Qualms of IMAP vs POP in Mozilla Thunderbird

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If you have used email with a program like Mozilla Thunderbird or an email program on your phone, you have most likely been configured for email access using the IMAP or POP email protocols. Both these methods allow you to access your email, however they are not created equal. The POP protocol will download the email to your computer ( and then typically removes it from the server ), meaning that your computer or phone is now the only device/place with a copy of that email message. This can .... read more

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Retail Stores Ease Website Fears

Lunasoft Retail Store
As a software specialist at Lunasoft and working at the Lunasoft retail store, I have had many anxious people come in inquiring about starting a new website.  A lot of them are nervous because they are not tech savvy and openly admit that they don't know how websites or the process of building one even works. But after spending just a few minutes in our retail store, almost everyone who comes in is reassured and ready to move forward with their project just because of what we emph.... read more

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“Social Media, and how to keep up with your clients”

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In our day and age it is so crucial for businesses to be connected through social media channels because of the networking and exposure opportunities. Who knew that one day important business strategies and advertising could be centered on sites like Facebook or Instagram. But it’s absolutely true, and it is time to face the music. Get up and login to social media because it rules our habits and tendencies of American culture. How often do you see an executive without his phone or tablet? Clo.... read more

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Extending Your Android Phone's Battery Life

Take a look at this screenshot of the home screen on my Nexus 5 smartphone. Do you notice anything unusual? Besides the fact that I use instead of Yahoo Mail or Gmail, what is different about my smartphone is the fact that my LTE connection is turned off. I do this intentionally to preserve battery life. I have found that leaving my internet connection on all the time burns through my battery life must faster compared to leaving it off by default and only turning it on when I ne.... read more

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Tech Terms: CMS

CMS Blog Post
You may have heard the term "CMS" used before on the web. You might think that term refers to a specific technology brand or function, however it can have a much deeper meaning. On the surface, CMS directly stands for Content Management System. However, this means different things to different people. Most commonly the term is used to refer to a system that allows you to edit and organize content pages on a website. When the term is used loosely, it can also mean a tool/system that allows yo.... read more

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How Important is Customer Service To You?

  How often do we depend on others in one given day? We are constantly interacting with people every single day in one way or another and it’s always important to remember this concept, especially in a business setting. I think some people forget that business deals directly with people and is supported by good customer service. The definition of business is "the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce." In the breakdown of this definition, it is to engage in commerce, bu.... read more

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Why You Should Offer Daily Deals on Your E-Commerce Website

Train Your Customers Offering daily deals on your e-commerce website helps your customers to see that you are a place where a bargain can be found. When visitors come across a site and get the feeling they won't ever get a good deal, they are less likely to ever return. Promoting the occasional sale may accomplish this, but the beauty of daily deals is that they create shopping habits: customers take advantage of a great deal and then keep coming back in search of more. Boost Your Customer Bas.... read more

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