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How Important is a Mobile Site?: Google May Add Mobile UX to Search Algorithm

google algorithm mobile
This article has a somewhat dated title, but the content is very new.  For years, we've known that mobile websites were essential for a business due to the rise in smartphone use.  Everyone talked about how mobile conversions weren't going to happen if users had bad experiences with the scrunched interface of a desktop site on a small screen.  The advantages of a mobile site were obvious, and there were a lot of businesses who followed the trend by building mobile sites.  W.... read more

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Custom Website Project: What Does "Custom Website" Mean?

custom website design project
A Custom Website isn't what it used to be.  There was a day when a client would ask for a custom website, and they would get a brand new, professionally unique, design that encompassed the brand of the organization.  That original graphic design would be coded from scratch, hosting was set up, and, POOF, a new work of art was released to the world wide web.  That service has not gone away, but several corporations have popped up who are all pawning off modified website templates a.... read more

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Tools to Make Things Easier: Modern Day Business Software is That Simple

one login for almost everything
All good software platforms do one thing: they serve as tools to make things easier for a business owner, student, or for anyone else.  Microsoft Word, the most common word processor on earth, is a very effective software platform because it allows users to create documents by processing words in order to create written works.  It's used by everyone; and, in almost every case, makes life a little bit easier than it would be sans the software. The content management system (CMS) is ano.... read more

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Luna Featured Client: Tilt My Blinds

Tilt My Blinds
Remember that time you were sitting on your couch watching your favorite television program, and then the sun turned a corner and a glare the size of Montana started live streaming through your eyes?  You really wanted to turn down the blinds, but you had just sat down with a huge bowl of popcorn.  What to do? One of our newest clients, Tilt My Blinds, has developed a product/software combination that now allows you to automate your blinds throughout your house, and all you need is an.... read more

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OpenOffice Is A Winner

All throughout school, I had easy access to Microsoft Office and its suite of desktop applications, including Excel, its spreadsheet program. As soon as I graduated high school and I purchased a new laptop for my college courses, I was soon faced with a harsh reality: Microsoft's suite of office applications are nowhere near being free. As a typically broke college student, I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on software after having just spent hundreds of dollars on the new computer I n.... read more

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The Future of Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Highly Targeted Ads

Old school pay-per-click analysts remember a time when you could simply pay off Google to rank for keywords that you couldn’t attain in the organic search results.  It was such a simple concept: Pay Google for every Click they produce to your website.  It was easy to get the placement you wanted; and, best of all, most of Google’s users didn’t know when they were clicking on an ad, as all results appeared to be the same.  Slowly, Google started adding visuals to tip off users to t.... read more

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Android Apps Coming To A Computer Near You

Android on Computer
Every once in a while, a programmer makes the news for creating something extraordinary. He or she creates something that pushes the boundaries of what code was believed to be capable of. Today, that award goes to a developer by the alias of "Vladikoff". In order to understand what he built, you first need to think about the way Android apps currently work. If you want to run an Android app, what would you use to run the app? For most people the answer is obvious: any device that runs the Andro.... read more

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The Future of SEO: Hire an English Major

SEO Chart
When I first started doing SEO back in 2003, I remember changing a title tag, a meta description, and the meta keywords on the homepage of a website owned by a New York City Dentist.  In short, two weeks later, the dental website was in position number one on Google when queried by the search term: “Dentist Upper East Side.”  The dentist got a ton of traffic, built up the practice; and, they still will get the occasional click although they haven't been on page one for quite some time..... read more

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