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Extending Your Android Phone's Battery Life

Take a look at this screenshot of the home screen on my Nexus 5 smartphone. Do you notice anything unusual? Besides the fact that I use instead of Yahoo Mail or Gmail, what is different about my smartphone is the fact that my LTE connection is turned off. I do this intentionally to preserve battery life. I have found that leaving my internet connection on all the time burns through my battery life must faster compared to leaving it off by default and only turning it on when I ne.... read more

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Tech Terms: CMS

CMS Blog Post
You may have heard the term "CMS" used before on the web. You might think that term refers to a specific technology brand or function, however it can have a much deeper meaning. On the surface, CMS directly stands for Content Management System. However, this means different things to different people. Most commonly the term is used to refer to a system that allows you to edit and organize content pages on a website. When the term is used loosely, it can also mean a tool/system that allows yo.... read more

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How Important is Customer Service To You?

  How often do we depend on others in one given day? We are constantly interacting with people every single day in one way or another and it’s always important to remember this concept, especially in a business setting. I think some people forget that business deals directly with people and is supported by good customer service. The definition of business is "the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce." In the breakdown of this definition, it is to engage in commerce, bu.... read more

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Why You Should Offer Daily Deals on Your E-Commerce Website

Train Your Customers Offering daily deals on your e-commerce website helps your customers to see that you are a place where a bargain can be found. When visitors come across a site and get the feeling they won't ever get a good deal, they are less likely to ever return. Promoting the occasional sale may accomplish this, but the beauty of daily deals is that they create shopping habits: customers take advantage of a great deal and then keep coming back in search of more. Boost Your Customer Bas.... read more

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New Google Maps Update is a Game Changer

Google Maps Integrates with Uber and Open Table
Most of us use Google Maps here and there, and some of us use it on a daily basis for directions, restaurant info and more.  It has been a useful tool for quite some time; but, with the release of the new update last week, the application has been rejuvenated with highly useful integrations from Uber and Open Table. In the past, Google maps could tell you how long it would take to drive from A to B by car, bus, by bike, or on foot.  Now, if you're on foot, Google Maps will also tell y.... read more

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Amazon's Fire Phone Disappoints and Motivates

fire Phone logo
This past summer, I remember reading in the news that Amazon had just released their first ever smartphone. I had no interest in purchasing the product as I was, and still am, a satisfied Android customer. I did however have a curiosity as to what the product would be like, and waited for someone I knew to purchase one and show me theirs. We are now in November, and I still have never personally seen the device. The reason why most people have never seen the device is because sales have be.... read more

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3 Tips to Help You Get to Know Your Customers Like Friends

Get to Know Your Customers Like Your Friends USing Analytics
You know what makes your friends happy, and you know what makes them tick.  Would it help you to know what makes your customers happy, and to know what makes them tick?  Sure it would. What if there is something about your homepage design that is a pet-peeve to the majority of your audience?  Wouldn't you want to know?  Avoiding pain points and making your customers happy can be the difference between a good and a great business, so getting to know your audience might be the .... read more

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Happy Halloween from the Luna Team!

Halloween at LunaSoft
We just wanted to say a quick Happy Halloween from your friends here at Luna!  To all those with young children, please be safe while trick-or-treating.  But, please make sure your safety does not come at the expense of good old fashioned fun! If you're in the downtown Salt Lake area, drop by our showroom at 12 W Broadway!  Michael, one of our Online Marketing Specialists, is dressed up as the Lorax!  Stop by and mention this post to receive a free donut while supplies las.... read more

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