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Are You A Likable Person?

You're Fired.
As a society we tend to place high value on people with extroverted personalities. Nowhere does this become more apparent than in business. While we can agree that it's an edge, extroversion should not be confused with superb people skills. Most people will agree that they want to work with people they like, or at the very least, people they don't mind being around. Clients will evaluate you in much the same way —while you may be competent at what you do, if people don't like you, they surely wo.... read more

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How to Say No

A Faster Horse ReWork by Jason Fried, Founder and CEO of the popular project management software Basecamp, is basically my business bible. Tucked within the 288 pages of this brash, irreverent, minimalist guide to entrepreneurship, resides my favorite section, simply titled "Say No." It begins with that famous Henry Ford quote, "If I'd listened to customers, I'd have given them a faster horse," and goes on to explain that sometimes the customer doesn't know what they want until they.... read more

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What Are the Components that Make Up A Website?

Components of the Web
A website is like a puzzle; many components need to come together to make the perfect picture. When you hear the words, domain, hosting, code and more being hurtled at you at 100 mph, it’s no wonder many feel that developing a web presence is overwhelming.  Let’s take a peek at the components that make up a website and the services available to create one. Domain A domain is the unique name for your website (i.e. Type it in to the address bar and visitors will be able.... read more

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Inability To Move Messages From iOS to Android Causing Lawsuits

For decades, Apple has prided itself on providing its users with a tightly-controlled, high quality ecosystem. Once you join the family of Apple devices, you enjoy a seamless user experience across thems, whether they be computers, iPads, or iPhones. Apparently all is well until you decide you want to leave and take your messages with you. At the center of a lawsuit filed May 15th is iMessage, the messaging app Apple released as the default messaging app for iOS devices. The lawsuit points to.... read more

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Team Team Team: The importance of not doing it all yourself

    We all need somebody to lean on The story of both my personal and professional life is littered with mistakes made, balls dropped, deadlines missed, and, most importantly, lessons learned. The most prevalent of these lessons is: no matter how talented and self-efficient I may think I am, I can never do everything by myself. It's a simple fact ... none of us can. Even the greatest, most skilled individual within a particular industry or trade needs some form of collaboration from.... read more

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5 Lines Sales People Should Bury In the Backyard

Rest In Peace
1. There's no obligation for you to buy! I may not have signed a contract, but let's be straight with each other —we both know you're going to go for the hard sell. You've given me your time and although I am funny, awesome and clearly entertaining, you're not hanging out with me for free. You want that commission, right? 2. I'll be in the neighborhood so I'll plan to stop by. Liar. We know you're not 'just in the neighborhood' out for a little stroll. You're following up with me in an overbe.... read more

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A Particularly Powerful CRM Feature

As your business continues to grow, the need for CRM software will be too strong to ignore. There will come a point where you realize: Keeping your clients' and leads' phone numbers in your cell phone is a bad idea. Starring emails in your inbox or writing sticky notes on your computer is too tedious of a way to keep track of your communications. CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) software are programs that help you to effectively manage your contacts. On a basic level, the CRM acts as.... read more

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You're Invited to the Grand Opening of LunaSoft

LunaSoft is opening the first website and online software retail store ever.  Please come. You're all invited and we'd love to see you.  Check out the days activities at . read more

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