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The Ultimate Balancing Act

  This life we live is a demanding one! Keeping a balance between your career, your family, and your friends can get overwhelming at times. With the majority of households having both parents working a full-time schedule, it can get complicated to keep everything equal. The important question is though, how do you keep the balance of all of these things? Here are a few tips that have helped me coincide my responsibilities. Create Priorities Make a list of everything you have to accompl.... read more

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Review: Android 4.4.3 Software Update

Nexus 5 - Android 4.4.3
2 days ago, I received a unique notification on my phone: one that I do not get very often. This notification is one that puts a grin on the face of just about every Android enthusiast. I'm talking about an OTA update, or "over the air" update. This time, it was for the latest 4.4.3 update for my Nexus 5. My Nexus 5 is actually the first Nexus device that I have ever owned, and I must say I love the phone! It is very fast and the battery life is exceptional. I actually use an app called "Data En.... read more

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The Law of Diminishing Returns

tasting menu
  I learned something fascinating while reading about one of the most influential chefs ever, Thomas Keller.  He speaks of the Law of Diminishing returns and how it completely, more than anything, could dictate the experience of his guests.  Chef Keller could create symphonies of flavor in his cooking.  He created new bars of creativity standards that blew the competition away and thus, made a name for himself.  The food he had mastered, but how to deliver it in a con.... read more

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Cars: Hacking the Ultimate Computer

Michael Hastings
Cyber-hacking is nothing new, but what if I told you someone could hack your car? A year ago I moved to Los Angeles. My first home was a hotel residence in the heart of West Hollywood just off of Santa Monica Boulevard on Holloway Drive. A night owl by nature, I was awake and working at 4:00 on June 18, 2013. A few miles away, a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 coupe was flying South on Highland Avenue. Whether or not he knew it at the time, the driver only had seconds to live. A short time after the M.... read more

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7 Smart Celebrity Branding Tricks Your Business Should Be Using

Hollywood Sign
Be honest: do you judge celebrities? Of course you do. You had an opinion on Miley's scandalous VMA performance (what the?!) and Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover (ugh). Or if you're like many of us, perhaps you simply wonder how in the world the Kardashians became (and remain) famous at all. Welcome to Hollywood. Bottom line? It's all about branding.For better (or worse…) celebrities (and their publicists, manager, assistants, stylists and that guy they tweet about who works at the gas station) .... read more

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Still D-R-E: Apple Acquires Beats Electronics

Beats Earbuds
It's official: after weeks of speculation, Apple confirms that is has acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion dollars. (Sources have stated the breakdown is $2.6 billion in cash upfront, with $400 million in stock.) Needless to say, it's a great day to be Dr. Dre. According to statements given by executives at Apple and Beats, the two companies will work together to provide the consumer market more options through which they an listen to music. Apple will offer both Beats' streaming music s.... read more

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Hey Girl (or Guy), What's Your Name?

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of overt, ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’. ‘Dirty’ is how he described the two words, preferring instead to focus on educating his audience, providing them with value. Some will argue it’s semantics at best —and it is, at least on some level. Regardless, it’s a rather ironic twist of fate that in the end, Jobs and the icon company he lead and co-founded have come to be known, respectively, as being some of the great marketing geniuses of our time.  There’s no doubt that .... read more

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Are You A Likable Person?

You're Fired.
As a society we tend to place high value on people with extroverted personalities. Nowhere does this become more apparent than in business. While we can agree that it's an edge, extroversion should not be confused with superb people skills. Most people will agree that they want to work with people they like, or at the very least, people they don't mind being around. Clients will evaluate you in much the same way —while you may be competent at what you do, if people don't like you, they surely wo.... read more

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