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The Great Firewall of China: SEO in the Far East

Firewall China
All those years ago when China built their first Great Wall, they had the intention of protecting the empire against nomadic invasions of all sorts.  In modern day China, a new wall has been implemented and it has a similar intent: to keep out unwanted invasions.  The new wall, which was actually initiated back in 1998, is a firewall that serves the purpose of keeping out all of the digital invasions from around the world.  In addition to hackers, the firewall keeps out sites rel.... read more

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Are Electronic Screens Bad For Your Eyes?

Mobile Screen
It's hard to deny that we are living in a golden age of mobile computing. Ever since the release of the first smartphone, sales of mobile devices have skyrocketed. Mobile devices have become a staple worldwide, and they have dramatically increased the amount of time we spend in front of digital screens. Many people can attest to the following activities in their average day: staring at a smartphone first thing in the morning or on the way to work staring at the computer all day at work star.... read more

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iPhone 6: A Phone, A Computer, A Wallet?

As September has rolled around again, tech enthusiasts around the world have re-started biting their nails in anticipation of the new iPhone.  Once again, we are all preparing for some facet of life to be consolidated to improve our quality of life.  I say, "once again," because this has become an annual event for anyone who cares. When they introduced us to the 3G, a touch screen cell phone that could browse the internet at speeds comparable to the average desktop PC, the world was b.... read more

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Email Marketing: Improves SEO and Increases Conversion Rate

Earlier this year, The Madison Logic company released a statistic that claimed 122 Billion emails are sent every hour.  That's more than a trillion emails per day!  So, of the trillion or so emails that were sent out today, how many of them came from you?  Better Question:  How many of the emails that you sent today directly assisted in an increase in revenue for your business?  I'm sure you sent out a few that made an impact.  There was that one to that guy/girl wh.... read more

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Who Will Have Access To Your Phone?

Phone Disabled Pic
It's a scenario that fiction novels have touched on for decades: organizations tapping into our personal devices and using them to harvest information about us. We have all gotten so used to the idea of large organizations having our data that most people don't resist it anymore. Purchasing a smartphone and loading it with personal information is now commonplace. What is more, people will download social network apps with the sole purpose of sharing their personal information. Whether the device.... read more

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Digital Book Sales Overtaking Paper Book Sales

ebooks and print books
Amazon has recently announced that it now sells more books in digital format than it does paper format. What is staggering about this find is the relatively short period of time it took for this to happen. Ebook readers have only been on the market for a few years in comparison to hard copy books. This shows that modern reading habits are changing at a fast rate. Take a look on a bus or train and you'll see that this is quite true. At the same time the lovers of paper agree that there is a pl.... read more

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What is a USB Drive and is it safe?

usb drive pic
If you have ever worked with or owned a computer before, you have likely used a USB, or "thumb" drive. Have you ever wondered how these little devices work? Most people think that they are just little pieces of computer memory surrounded by plastic, but there is a little bit more to the story. USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus" and refers to the communications protocol, or standard, that is used between the two electronic devices connected. A bus is a system within computers that acts as th.... read more

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A New Angle

  The other night a notification popped up on my phone screen, it was from the Snapchat Team. Which typically I wouldn’t have opened, but I just clicked on it and to my surprise I was drawn into what they were informing me of. It contained an entire tutorial on this new story option they had created just for EDC stories on Snapchat. At that moment, I knew what EDC was but had no understanding of the concepts or dynamics behind it. Then I had a realization of the popularity of this event .... read more

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