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A Way to Boost Your Business

A way to boost your numbers is by providing great customer service and creating loyalty from your customers. Customer service is one of the main pillars for a business to thrive, it is one of the most vital components that needs to have prioritization, do not dare to underestimate it. Many businesses fail to give customer service the high importance it requires and tend to go on about it the wrong way. Showing your customers that you genuinely care, that their satisfaction will be your satisfact.... read more

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Contact us for a 101

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In our world today, utilizing technology is essential for a business to thrive and be successful in the long run. For instance, in order to obtain better results in finding new customers, you have to do more than just posting an ad in the local news paper. It also takes more then simply buying a domain to have a simple page that provides your basic company information. Lots of small businesses these days do this, but they are missing the main point of having a website and therefore the main bene.... read more

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Windows and Linux: Speeds Opposite Yet Equal

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I started college in the summer of 2010, and one of the gifts I had received from my parents was a new laptop to help me get started with this new form of schooling. Of course, the laptop came with Windows 7, but I had always had a desire to try out Linux. As a Windows user, I wanted to experiment with a different operating system to see what it was like. When I unwrapped this brand new laptop, I never even gave Windows 7 the chance of creating me as a user. I immediately installed Ubuntu, and l.... read more

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Windows 10 is coming for you!

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Windows 10 has arrived! Well sort of.. they have begun sending out notices to the individuals who qualify for a free upgrade. What was that? Yes not everyone will qualify for the new operating system and will instead have to pay either the $119 for the home edition or $199 for the Pro operating edition. Only those who are currently using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 will get the free upgrade to this brand spanking new Microsoft operating system. But there is a "but" to this conver.... read more

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How can you maximize your social media activity on a minimal time commitment?

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As with all things, social media management is what you make of it. Small business owners are always looking to strike the right balance between marketing their products or services and actually running their business. Because of this business struggle of not knowing what should be top priority, business owners are often hesitant to jump into social media because of the preconception that maintaining a social media presence online can be time consuming. Which is why most people will initially .... read more

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A World Lost and Found in Branding

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I studied Art History while I was in school, and one thing that continued to come up in class discussions and in my own writing and research, was the issue of branding. We live in a world of brands to which we are exposed to on a daily basis. I bet if I asked you right now, you could name at least 10 brands off the top of your head. I can also assume that you could go on to describe their brand logo colors and maybe the jingle from advertisements. We live in a world of branding and there is no e.... read more

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The Great Smartphone Debate

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It could be the most heated debated rivalry of the century. It's a question that has caused passionate arguments across the world: Which is better, iOS or Android? You could walk into a room full of people and ask each one which is their favorite smartphone operating system, and the odds are pretty good that most would have a preference. Some would even be able to explain why one is better, despite having never really used the other. it's interesting that it appears that smartphone users a.... read more

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The Qualms of IMAP vs POP in Mozilla Thunderbird

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If you have used email with a program like Mozilla Thunderbird or an email program on your phone, you have most likely been configured for email access using the IMAP or POP email protocols. Both these methods allow you to access your email, however they are not created equal. The POP protocol will download the email to your computer ( and then typically removes it from the server ), meaning that your computer or phone is now the only device/place with a copy of that email message. This can .... read more

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