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Tablet Purchasing Tips

New Tablet Pic
I, like millions of consumers around the globe, plan on purchasing a tablet computer in the next few months. This will actually be my second attempt at purchasing a tablet. About a year ago, I purchased a 7" generic tablet from Amazon. I figured that all tablets were pretty much the same and that I didn't need to spend more than a hundred dollars in order to get a decent functioning tablet. How wrong I was! I soon learned that a tablet is not one of those items that you should skimp on. The dev.... read more

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Social Media No Longer Organic: Requires A Marketing Budget

Paid Social Media Marketing Budget
Have you ever wondered why Facebook is worth billions of dollars?  They don't charge you to create an account, and there are no monthly fee for usage or maintenance; so, how does the company pay for their thousands of employees and for their Frank Gehry-designed campus?  Simple: by showing you ads every time you log in. Social Networks, like medical clinics, restaurants, and clothing stores, need to pay their bills; and, for social networks, advertisements comprise the majority of the.... read more

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How Do I Know If I Need a New Website?

How do i know if i need a new website?
We've compiled a list of five quick checks you can do to help you answer the question, "how do I know if I need a new website?"  If your website fails all five, then you almost definitely need a re-design; but if you only have one or two then starting from scratch may not be necessary. Can you edit the content of your website? Or, does someone else still need to do that for you?  Editing a website shouldn't be any more difficult than editing a Microsoft Word document; and, if it is,.... read more

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Update Your Business Listing on Apple Maps Connect

Apple Maps Connect for Business
Last night, search engine land reported that you, as a small business owner, have one more thing to add to your tasks list.  Apple Maps is now editable by business owners, or by their authorized representatives.  Unfortunately, as of now, agencies and webmasters will have a lot of difficulty using the service because each listing claimed requires a separate Apple ID.  Similarly to the way one would claim a Google Maps listing, obtaining access to an Apple Maps listing requires an.... read more

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Google Announces Revolutionary Email Platform Called "Inbox"

New gmail called Inbox by Google
Today, Google announced the launch of a new email platform called "Inbox."  The project has been in the making for two years, and was built by the same people who launched gmail.   This isn't going to replace gmail, but it will compete.  Inbox was built to revolutionize the email industry, and that's just what it's going to do.   Of all the new features entailed, we believe Inbox's most impressive feature to be what Google calls the "Highlights" feature.  This gives Inb.... read more

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Google's Algorithm Get's a Boost From Penguin 3.0

Google Penguin Update 3.0
We haven't seen a Penguin update for over a year now, but we knew it was coming.  The new algorithm update comes in light of spam sites that needed to be addressed by the worlds most popular search engine.  Using Google's guidelines about linking, the update should be more adapt to identifying spam on websites that contain abnormal links, and banishing them far away from the likes of page 1.  We've heard that some picked up on this as early as late Friday night here in the states.... read more

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3 Ways to Get More Production Out of a Sales Team

More Production Out of a sales team
Are you feeling like you're wasting money by paying your sales team to work your leads?  After all, you did start the company yourself and you've been the full time salesperson before, even while completing all of the operations for your business.  You know you have an amazing product/service, and you know a well trained sales team should be able develop your business; but, why can't you get more production out of your sales team? 1) Training: Like you said, a well trained sales team .... read more

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American Tech Companies Looking Small: What is Alibaba's Ace in the Hole?

NYSE Alibaba Tech Companies
When Alibaba had their IPO about a month ago, we already knew they were going to be the next tech giant.  With an initial offering of $68 dollars, it was obvious.  So, what has happened since the IPO?  The baba stock has had ups and downs, hovering around the $85-$90 price point, while the majority of the stocks listed on the NYSE have begun to deplete in value.  Yesterday, a CNBC report speculated about the coincidence between the Alibaba IPO, and the S&P 500's all time.... read more

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