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KEYSEMâ„¢ Bought and Now in the Works

The Keyword Search Engine Marketing tool is up and running and almost prepped for version 2.0 roll-out. So what was the hold up?Well, no excuse really, other then putting customers first. There are still plenty of projects on the table, but I knew if I didn't get a hold of our trademarked name soon, someone in this world of billions would have snagged it.

So the application is running and working for us and soon will be working for others. Bottom line...the domain is secured.

James and I project that by mid-summer 2006 a fully functional, debugged customer version will be not only be in use by many, but possibly as an off-the-shelf product via direct download. We're contemplating as we speak whether to allow for download as an encrypted package or leave it opensource thus revealing our patented technology.

Time will tell. In the meantime, keep your eyes out for KEYSEM - a tool that will revolutionize site enhancement at the keyword level.


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