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As we offer search engine optimization services to clients on web builds and makeovers - we keep pretty good tabs on tips from some of the players in the industry.

One of our parters, Chris Bennet from 97th Floor Firm recently shared a tip that adds some real value.

He was checking out and realized some of the google datacenters were showing "weird" data for our site. He suggested to try something that had been helping him lately; making all my non www. pages 301 to your www. pages. I haven't tried it yet but Chris says he's noticed some impace since they (the pages) appeared like they were caching the non www versions rather than the www.

Basically it helps because it forces Google to index the right pages.

You can use this tool to see your displayed and current pr on all data centers. Some are 0 and it is usually because of canonical errors.

The best way to fix it is 301 the non www. to the www. and use absolutes.

The magical pr tool .


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