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MVC/Framework - for PHP5?

So Daniel and I are chatting today and we get on the subject of "php and framework". Yes even the phrase makes you chuckle a little, but I think he's on to something really exciting. We're quite familiar with the Ruby on Rails models/views/controlers format - and it seems that Daniel's come up with a way to make it work similarly for PHP.

There are several advantages to using php over RoR although without the framework - it really stinks for advanced websites and future scaleability.

A couple of thoughts quick advantages:

For the web designer (easily managed layout views), shared host setup (control panel compatibility) and for the junior webmaster who doesn't have the expertise to manage server administration issues like restarting rails.

This would solve all of these issues.

I've seen folks make similar attempts - but with all the built in functionality for user authentication, image uploads, global variables and more - this is really exciting.

I took a peek at what he's brewing up and it looks really exciting - go Dan.


02/28/2008 12:05pm
I'm aware of at least one MVC framework for PHP. Have you guys looked at CakePHP? I was considering migrating a PHP site over to that, once upon a time, rather than rewrite the whole site in ruby. But, that said, while ruby isn't perfect, I'm sure glad I don't have to deal with PHP anymore :)

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