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PC or Mac?

I have been watching the PC/Mac battle for sometime now. I'm still not convinced to go with OSX - but the way Apple is continually catering to all users is making me look closely at Powerbooks as an option.

Recently a client asked:

We are looking to buy a new computer for Eric to use with Illustrator, Dreamweaver ect and my question is I know that a lot of people who run those programs buy Macs. Is there a reason they use Macs and should we be looking to go that way instead of another PC?

Thaks, Kirk

My reply:


It's all about preference.
We use PCs - Macs are becoming popular (the notebooks) because you can dual boot mac and pc. Most stay with mac OS though because it's faster and more bug free - less crashes.

We may go to mac someday (especially since I've seen our Ruby on Rails developers switch over to Mac) -but I'm a pc guy.


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