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Utopia High Speed Internet Fiber Optics to Salt Lake City

I heard that Salt Lake City council voted down Utopia to enter downtown Salt Lake. We definitely would like to see Utopia in Salt Lake City.
As a web design firm - the connection speed would literally increase our productivity well over 100% considering file sharing, ftp uploads and downloads. I'm sure we would also see an increase in revenue to our company and in turn the city economy through our employees and growth.

We have considered moving from our downtown office to a location with fiber service just for this reason. Imagine the impact in the local economy by having faster internet. If we don't get it before neighboring cities and worst yet states - we could be affected economically for the worst.


09/08/2007 4:29am
When asked - "what is Utopia?" Utopia is an ISP that is moving into all areas - even the small ones. They are in most areas already (soon coming to WVC) - but they have not moved into SLC because the city voted it out - (some say a Qwest monopoloy influence) type thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they are already in Tooele Grantsville areas. It's fiber optics which means the residential gets (100mbs) 14mb up and down!!! Yes I'm for real. Not like comcast cable where you might get 4 down and 1 up if you're having a good day.
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