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valentines chocolates and exercise

I came to work yesterday and unexpectedly I found a small box of chocolates on my desk, gift from the company management, I am a pretty big fan of chocolate. Did any of your employers do something like this for valentines or other holidays?

On a different note, and probably a related one seeing as a chocolate consumption has gone up around here, shad and I have been trying to get the motivation to do some after work exercise. We talk about how great it would be to have a company team exercise session scheduled at least weekly. I think it's a great idea, build some team morale and some muscles all at the same time. After some recent developments in my health, I need the exercise more than ever..... Anyone else have a company team workout program out there?


02/15/2008 3:33pm
The company I work for now, Lead Media Partners, are going to participate in the Ragnar relay ( Our team name (Alan's inspiration, my boss) is "command-r" (command displayed as that cool little apple symbol), which, as some of you may know, is the shortcut key for "run" :). I still think I'm a bit crazy for taking on the challenge, and I'm trying to get ready for it! It's a 178 mile run, split up between 12 people (so, about 15 miles a piece), for probably about 36 hours straight! Crazy, crazy, crazy, what was I thinking when I signed up.

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