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WMV Streaming Video embed code (for IE)

A client recently wanted to embed a WMV video file. He was having a bit of trouble so I pulled together some Google searches to get the answer. Here it is for anyone looking.

This is not the best solution - but will get you by. I like RIVA FLV encoder (Tim showed me that one) and there are some newer encoders that when installed at the server level will encode on the fly - similar to At anyrate - for the novice user looking for a quick fix - this will do.

To embed a wmv video file for IE paste your code with the correct paths like this:

[code] src="video.wvx"


Put the code above in the html file referencing the "video.wvx" file.


Create a file called "video.wvx" and reference the actual video by adding this code to the file.
This works for wmv files which usually have a problem streaming in IE. If you are using another format - I'd probably need to see what you're doing.



Make sure all files are in the same directory.

The file should play when you go to the page.


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