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Apple Pro Care

card-procare.gifLast week I had an unfortunate accident with my Mac Book Pro. Long story short the keyboard stopped working. After worrying about how I was going to function without my beloved Mac I took a trip down to the local Apple store. When I arrived I found the usual line of people waiting to get their "dead" iPods or busted Mac Books repaired. Finally, 20 minutes after my appointment was scheduled my name was called to belly up to the "Genius Bar" (for you unfortunate Windows users, the Genius Bar is where they fix sick Apple products). After I explained my problem to my assigned genius he ran through the standard procedures of checking connections. This resulted in absolutely nothing, and it was determined my keyboard was in fact fried. My genius then did an inventory search and found they had one keyboard in stock. Unfortunately it had been ordered to repair some other poor Mac Book Pro, and he told me I would have to wait 3 to 4 days for a new one to be ordered and installed. Of course this was not an option for me since my employment and life depend on my Mac. So I asked him how I could get my computer fixed that day. After asking a couple of other geniuses he told me I could sign up for a Pro Care membership. He then explained to me that as a Pro Care member I was entitled to "flash" my card and jump to the front of the always long Genius Bar line. Plus any repairs to my Mac would me made same day, no matter what. Of course I said sign me up. This action in turn unallocated the aforementioned keyboard from the other busted Mac and placed it in its rightful home in mine. Did I feel like a bully? A little bit, but I got over it. Anyway, my Mac was repaired in an astonishing 30 minutes. I returned to the store after grabbing a quick lunch, flashed my Pro Care card, they rolled out the red carpet, and I was on my way in a matter of minutes.

"So what's the moral of this story?", you ask. Well, here it is. If you're a professional who depends on your Mac as a business machine. You very well may be the ideal Pro Care candidate. It does cost $99 but compared to losing 2 to 4 days of work a hundred bucks is nothing. So next time you are standing it line to get your sick Mac fixed, and some jerk flashes his little black card and goes straight to the front of the line and then steals your parts. Don't cry, because you too can be that jerk.


02/29/2008 12:42pm
that would tick me off a little, come in to get my keyboard for my mac and some guy that paid a little more stole it and I have to wait another week to get it fixed.
03/01/2008 9:32pm
However you look at it - Mac gave you options and solved your dilemma. Their customer service is catered to finding solutions. The 3 interactions I've had with Mac in a retail environment have all been positive. I'm a fan.

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