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Vista (and what to do)

I've recently purchased the relatively new Dell M1530; a great machine aside from the trackpad. The only problem? You guessed it, what to do with Vista.

Since Vista's release in late January 2007, people have been complaining. Die hard anti-mac developers and techies alike were buying Mac Book Pros and the remaining "new" users were looking for ways to downgrade back to XP.

Bill Gates spent 5 years and $6 Billion for this? It's hard to believe, but after months of using Vista Ultimate and tweaking all that I know to tweak; I'm left with a machine that looks and acts similar to XP, but runs 35% slower.



03/08/2008 11:52pm
Ahhhhh, it isn't all bad :) I rather enjoyed Vista in comparison to XP. I found the UI improvements to be quite helpful, particularly the new alt-tabber. But then again... I switched to a mac a few months ago, and now I get tired every time I use a windows machine again. I used to be a die-hard mac-hater, and well, I've repented of that. Apple has really have done it right, or at least a lot of things right. I love the workflow of a mac, it's easier to focus and to be organized for me. And, while the Mac isn't perfect (i have some weird freezes sometimes, crashes, and the occasional time when my computer decides to not let me log in), overall I'm extremely happy to have switched.
03/08/2008 11:59pm
DISCLAIMER: Before that last comment comes across as a "Mac Fan Boi", let me assure you that I aside from my new-found love, I'm not completely consumed by my enamoration to overlook any faults of the mac and maxmize the faults of other platforms. So please don't think that I was suggesting everyone should switch, or something along those lines :) Tim

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