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Hottest Trend in Social Networking Sites

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, YouTube and so many others have become a popular past time for savvy internet users.

I remember when I wanted to see what old acquaintances from my own high school were doing. You do a search for high school alumni and and Classmates listings pop up all over the place. The only problem I found however was that I had to pay to see what people were doing. I wanted to get an update on past classmates, but wasn't willing to pay to do so. In reality, most of these people weren't close friends, but curiosity about how people have changed and their careers "killed the cat" so to speak.

So I went away and start building a prototype of a high school alumni website that is free. I told a few people from my almamader and before I knew it there were over 1000 registered users posting their bios, career updates and pics of their families. It was a success.

I did the same for my wife's highs school and then for a co-worker. They all have been successful. So we developed version 2.0 with a nicer cleaner look and will be launching a solid framework real soon. You can get a Free Alumni Website for free and see my school to get an idea of what they look like. The only requirement is that you have to be an alumni to start the website.

How will we make money to fund the servers, bandwidth and development - well just like the other social network sites - traffic = advertising.

I was watching the TV Land channel recently and saw "High School Reunion". It looks like reality tv is jumping on the bandwagon as well.


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