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programming as an art form

I've seen a lot of bad code in my day, there is some pretty obfuscated code out there. Programming is an art. Some of you may not understand or agree, but hear me out. Art is a form of expression, one that can convey ideas. Art defined, by wikipedia, "art is a (product of) human activity, made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind". Programming/code clearly falls into this category.

Code can be pretty or ugly, have structure or chaos. Source code can have aesthetic qualities in it's formatting and in the way it presents data or images. Over the years programming has enabled advanced 3d effects that are becoming widely used in cinema, these convey a more visual and accepted form of art, but under the hood lies some hard core programming driving what you see.

Programming can conduct a beautiful orchestra of data or ,in the case of bad programming, cause a frustrating mess. Sometimes code can be hard to understand, sometimes easy.


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