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Importance of the developer community

As a developer that uses open source technology, I see how the community around each open source technology really makes or breaks the software as a whole. In the open source world, one of the driving community types behind individual and group education are "user groups", these user groups provide an open forum of discussion for anyone willing to participate as a speaker or a listener. At the user group meetings, there is usually a topic at hand to be discussed ( such as IDE's or web frameworks ).

I attended a python user group meeting last night, my first user group meeting ( in person ). The discussion last night was python IDE's. The speakers each presented one IDE, showed the features and pitfalls of the software. In these user groups knowledge is transferred from one individual to the listeners, and sometimes vice versa. User groups are also a great place to do some socializing with peers in the tech industry as well as pick up a new trick of the trade.

To all you other open source developers out there, I suggest you go out and attend a user group meeting at least once in your career.


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