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Twitter V.S. Facebook

140 character limited simple messaging. How could this possibly be helpful or interesting? Honestly. Winston Churchhill once said "A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life", so Winston, is this the case with Twitter? Do I really only need to know simple, true facts about my significant others? Maybe so. I was a skeptic (as usual).

Wandering for ways to fill the waste of space within the Vista Sidebar; I found a Twitter gadget. It works well, fitting nicely under my language translator. The only problem? I have no one to twitter with. Facebook already gives me twitter functionality with the "status update" feature (not to mention broadcasts of other status changes revolving around love life and political views, with or without my permission. Can you say "1984"?) I actually had a buddy get married, having no idea this happened until Facebook informed me.

The idea of broadcasting short messages which may not typically be communicated to your friends is underestimating powerful. However, Facebook gives me this functionality and more, including mobile support. I'm not deleting my gadget as of yet, so any twitter'ers out there assured it is the app to use, please let me know.


05/21/2008 7:09pm
Twitter is good for authors of webcomics. For example, Kukuburi, which only updates once a week and often late, the Twitter box lets us know how far behind the update will be and why. Plus, it frees you to use your status update space on facebook for things like "John Doe is spinning right 'round baby, right 'round" while twitter says you are pulling an all nighter and contemplating death. Yes, Twitter has it's uses.

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