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Everything is a .com

It's become somewhat of a joke recently around the office. Someone says a phrase - and I add .com to the end of it. You'd be surprised how many phrases with a .com on the end could actually become some really good viral micro website ideas. A few recent ones that we've actually started developing:

We were discussing the nominations for presidency for the upcoming 2008 elections. Several team members shared dissatisfaction with the options. Someone mentioned: "you can write in" your vote. Next think you know we've got as an advocate page for nominating candidates and providing them a platform to launch their campaign. It's not too late and 'write-ins' have won in Congress - so why not for the President of the United States?!

We're at PF Chang's one day eating some tasty Chinese food. Of course the tradition is to read your fortunes aloud at the end. Some one says "rotten fortune" which soon becomes A fun website with user generated content to create browsable rotten fortunes with dynamically generated titles. Again a little viral deal that could develop further.

So if you say something that sounds like it could be a good website - go for it. You never know what might come about. At least - you build your application portfolio.


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