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Ergo Economics

I found myself wondering how much correct posture is truly worth today. Getting work done with jobs like ours here at Luna requires considerable time at the keyboard, as you might imagine. The only question is, how to best arrange laptop, external monitor/keyboard, desk and chair? We all know how this it ought to be done; i.e. this handy diagram. However, actually accomplishing this isn't the easiest of tasks.

Derived from greek; ergon (work) and nomos (laws), we've created ergonomics - the science of matching "body" with "work tools". From this philosophy it's fairly easy to pickup a $5,600 bed mattress, endless options of configurable chairs and desks, and this thing. My point isn't that all of these are bad ideas or may not work for many. I simply want to find what works for me, without opening up a new credit line.

The answer for me is simply this (after finding the right chair or course). More work space, exact work height, matches laptop with monitor perfectly and conceals your cords - $300

LX Dual Desk Mount Arm


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