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Automated Audience Measurement

We've all been waiting (or at least I have) for someone to put the hightech into billboards. We're much closer than one might think to intelligent billboards. Billboards that know your gender, age and interest level as you walk down the street. The days many of witnessed in the Minority Report are right around the corner (pending privacy laws do not impede). Companies such as Quividi and TruMedia are competing for center stage.

Quoted From Quividi. "Quividi never records any image from its audience measurement installations ; only the qualitative data associated to the detections would be recorded and sent to the back office. However, some of our customers have asked us to analyze footage which had been previously captured by cameras installed in pilot locations.

The video you can see here is a collection of representative clips from several such installations. The footage has been processed by the same analysis software you can dowload on this site, modified as to blur the viewer's faces for obvious privacy reasons. Blue circles indicate active attention on the part of a male viewer, while pink circles are used for female viewers."

Check out the video.


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