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youtube logoI have to admit - I've become a regular lately. I'm not one for idle time (and yes youtube can catch you wasting time quickly), but there are some great reasons to watch youtube.

Here are just 3 for now to get us started:

1. History

So I'm alone for the week with my two sons Spencer and Dallen. My wife takes the girls up to Idaho to be with family while we hold down the fort until school is out to catch up with her.

I honestly don't remember the discussion, but Dallen and I begin a topic on civil rights. I think he's reading a Harriet Tubman book and that spawned some interesting questions. So I explain about inequality because of color just a few years ago (well more then a few, but 60's weren't that long ago). They're getting the point (my boys) but then I realize I can show them. Youtube is typed into the browser, and before you know it - we're immersed in video of policemen spraying fire hoses, pictures of old signs indicating who could use the water fountain (and who couldn't), marches in Washington and the list could go on. What an awesome history lesson with just the click of the mouse.

2. How To Do things

If you don't know how to solve the Rubiks Cube - you will after browsing youtube. Lacking on home improvement skills - again youtube. I needed to know how to clean the carburetor on my Scott's Briggs and Stratton small engine - and yes once again youtube had the answer.

3. Tons of laughs

Eveyone thinks they're american idol now on youtube. A new song hit comes out and little kids from age 4 on to old ladies are singing covers. Some are actually really good, but the majority don't have a clue. If you want to laugh your head off - go to youtube and watch someone try to be a movie star or hit singer who has not experience at all.


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