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BAD Internet Service Providers - Comcast, Qwest

We were with Xmission and Qwest recently for our high speed connection. You'd think being a web development shop with a bunch of techie people around - that we could figure out how to get the most out of our internet service. And indeed we have the skills to do so - but the service provider has to do their part too.

So we drop Qwest and sign up for Comcast (because they guarantee high speed 16mbps download and uploads of 2mbps). We get so excited when the installer arrives Monday morning. He shows us the speeds we're getting before we leave...AWESOME ratings at 17mbps. Then he leaves and a couple of hours later we loose our connection. We figure it's a router issue...but no. After a call and some tweaking of mac addresses - it's up again - for a few minutes.

We have a backup connection through our IP phone service so I have to plugin to the phone. 3 Days later - the same thing. Very intermittent service and now the speeds have dropped to below 3mbps. We're spending more time on the phone with comcast now and less time being productive. We literally have thought about moving our office so we could have fiber through Utopia. I wonder if SLC City Council has even thought about the implications of not allowing Utopia in to town. Did they think that internet connection and speed was so important that they could actually be impacted by businesses leaving the city? This hurts landlords, decreases sales revenues around town and of course the fees for annual licensing etc.

Well - the internet companies are to blame - but we're not standing idle to wait for them to fix the problem. We'll be canceling service asap if they can't get their act together.

Have you had similar problems?


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