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Cent OS default install, beware of avahi

It doesn't matter whether you install centos desktop or centos server, the avahi daemon will be installed by default. This service is not needed and in fact may be a detrimental thing to have installed. Let me tell you a story, this story is filled with frustration and server downtime. We recently worked on some servers which were all running cent os. Some of the servers had cpanel/whm and some did not.

When we brought up a new server within the network, the avahi-daemon decided to release a bunch of static ip's on the cpanel server. I suspect this is an issue with the cpanel/avahi combination, that cpanel is storing the static configuration in a different place than avahi expects it so it decided to release and not reset the ips.

I don't see why anyone would want to have avahi installed on the server, especially by default. If you use Cent OS I highly suggest you disable avahi.


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