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The 95th Percentile

Bandwidth equals dollar signs. Similar to electricity, the packets traveling to and from online appliances worldwide is a multi-billion dollar industry.

We have been in the dedicated server hosting business for many years. However, as our server business grows, so does the need for imporved monitoring and bandwidth contols. This is where the 95th percentile comes into play. Bandwidth and burstable high speed bandwidth are similar to a Wendy's Fish Fillet and Tokyo Sushi, in regard to the pocketbook. Our ISP's bill on the 95th percentile, meaning they average our speed (or total throughput in some cases) for the entire month. This is figured very similarly to a median (the 50th percentile). Essentially the top 5 percent of the total is deducted from the total. For an average 30 day month this is 36 hours.

The question? How do you effectively use, burst, for 36 hours and then put the breaks on to avoid overage charges? Well, there are a variety of solutions, but building a smart Linux firewall or purchasing a router that offers throttling and possibly QOS are the most reasonable. We're working on implementing one of these choices in the very near future. Stay tuned...


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