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iPhone / x10 Home Control

I'm not one for remote controls, above and beyond the normal tv remote anyway. I had friends raving about the overpriced universal controls when they began emerging years ago, and yes, they're indeed cool. However, I never could convince myself to buy one. X10, was also another great idea (aside from their weird advertising campaigns), but again, not much of a remote person. Well, that's all changed.

I really like the idea of that one device that does everything; phone, pda, gps and universal remote (why not!). The iPhone SDK has opened doors, providing a great interface for just about everything - including a interface to Heyu. Bingo, time to turn the lights on from...wherever, or how about kicking on the A/C in the back room 20 minutes from home, or triggering the automatic dog feeding device when I can make it home. I'll let you know once it's setup.


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