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Web Applications, End to End, Software as a Service ( SaaS )

Many companies are stuck in the paradigm that their internal and point of sale systems ( POS ) must be separate from their website system. This paradigm is a bad one as they may miss out on the savings and integration savings associated with creating a single system to handle the business needs across the board. In these modern times most devices are web enabled, why not allow your application to be accessible on those devices.

For example, a company may contract with a web firm to create the web presence, contract with another firm for the internal accounting software, and contract with a third firm to create the point of sale system. Not only will the project encounter a higher price due to the fact that all three systems will need to be integrated, it also creates an issue of access and training on multiple systems. Instead a different approach may be taken, to contract only with a reliable web firm to have them build the system end to end.

A web enabled touch screen computer could be used with the website at the point of sale to process a customer purchase, the website can be used again from the account department or an accounting representative on the go to check orders. The shipping and order fulfillment department could use a separate section of the web applications to view pending and ready to ship orders. In having the systems operate as one cohesive whole, the company is now freed from expensive desktop software/hardware contracts and can now enjoy the freedom of a web accessible application.


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