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Outsource in the USA - Web Developer Outsourcing

I often see companies on the fence about whether they should hire internally or outsource their website programming and maintenance tasks.

I don't know if you've considered outsourcing, but it may be more cost effective if you're looking to hire several developers or a webmaster to maintain your current site. I'm not talking outsourcing overseas - but outsourcing locally, here in the good old USA.

You may already know that it's tough to find out the quality of a new-hire until their on board for a while.
Web design companies usually have a solid team of expert programmers that are efficient and tested. They've already gone through the screening, interviewing and actual testing of the programmers that have stood the test of time. In addition - the reduction in cost due to managerial overhead and taxes can be avoided.

If you retain a company who takes on the managerial overhead, taxes, attrition and testing of new hires - you will save money in actual dollars, time and resources.

For example - let's say a company needs 5 full-time web developers at an average salary of $50,000. (Salaries can range from $35k for an entry level webmaster with little to no programming experience to an expert web engineer at $100,000 plus with extensive object oriented programming savvy). Instead of averaging $50k for 5 developers plus 20% or $10k for benefits, taxes, etc. ($60k each) or $300k per year - you could retain a web firm for less then $250k a year. Not to mention you wouldn't have to worry about the turnover, management, and general overhead with payroll and taxes. In addition - you get what you pay for instead of paying for employees to hold a seat and who may not be busy all day. Some food for thought.

There are also the smaller businesses that just need casual updates. Let's say you went with an entry level webmaster at 35k / year - sure you'll get your updates done quickly, but chances are they won't have any search engine optimization experience, advanced programming knowledge, and could make a mistake that could cause you to loose all or portions of your site. Believe me - I had to learn this the hard way through experience.

This is something that may add value before you've committed to full-time programmers. There are outsourcing firms in India and China - but there are many drawbacks to going overseas including currency exchange, payment options are limited, communication can degrade not to mention time zone problems (scheduling). You can outsource right here in the United States.

We are an outsource partner for many organizations from part time to full-time plans. Being located in Salt Lake City and with 4 full time PHP programmers, we've found we can do the work of 10 because of the lack of lost productivity that takes place in larger firms.


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