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Through a Web of Emails

If you work for a firm that takes requests for work, feedback or comments online , this surely applies to you. Clients will send a quick email asking for a bug to be fixed or a question to be answered, this is alright when you have only a few clients but when you turn up the volume, using email to try and communicate can become a very big mess.

Have you considered setting up a web forum or perhaps even a ticket system to handle the requests? There are many free and open source projects that you could use, such as a forum like phpBB or a bug/ticket system like bugzilla. The advantages of using these systems for communication over email include:

  • Having client communication in one easy spot for anyone in the company to access
  • A forum post is a more reliable method to receive information than email.
    An email could be blocked by a spam filter, could be lost in an email client mishap along with many other varieties of random issues that come along with email.
  • You will be able to organize a timeline of events much smoother than in email
  • You can quickly and easily filter out different clients


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