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Twitter Statistics

We all know of Twitter, both the immense success and also the unfavorable reliability press (ouch, Ruby on Rails!). The statistics behind this goldmine of data are quite impressive, but not yet facebook or myspace comparable.

Currently there are nearly 2.1 million twitters, . However, finding real-time data for total tweets per day is not all that easy. I've found record that in June of 2007 there was an average of 250,000 to 275,000 tweets per day. Taking the low number here, we're at 7.5 million unique messages per month. Now, a year later, reporting for the total number of tweets per day is no where to be found.

Twitter search engines, such as, are being limited by the speed they can index Twitter data, seriously limiting their usefulness. Many online marketers are signing up and following as many people as possible. While others follow as many as possible simply for a snap shot of the world in the last two minutes.

I'm both interested to see where this twitter phenomena takes us, and how diehard twitters influence this data which will inevitability be mined by the masses in the not so distant future.



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