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Hamster Commute

As the world goes green (or tries to) and micro devices get smaller and more efficient, inventive minds find ways to use rooftop space much more "interestingly". Aureline Ranson finds ways to connect buildings in fun ways - maybe that commute down the street would be more similar to an amusement park! A healthy fun commute.




07/19/2008 11:15pm
This is actually really cool. I've seen progress with newer buildings or updated rooftops of buildings, but I've never see this new concept of connecting buildings while still offering benefits to the rooftop. Imagine if we could go to the top of the Clift Building, put on some green then take a zipline to the top of the Squatters Building. Drop down for lunch the climb a wall on top of the JC Penney building. - I'm a fan already. Exercise, outdoors and more effecient use of rooftops - all great benefits.

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