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Paperless Office - CRM & Work Orders

Here at LunaWebs we have developed our own CRM ( Customer Relations Manager ) to fit our specific needs. In addition to our CRM, we have a work order system developed that helps us track incoming work and it's status without the need for paper.

Many companies still use a paper process for these two tasks. Having post-it notes,scrap paper and filled notepads with phone numbers and task details scattered around their desk By putting these contacts into a CRM and the tasks into a work order, an office like ours can go completely paperless.

Lets save trees, reduce clutter and reduce overhead cost in office supplies together!


07/19/2008 11:20pm
Saving trees is nice and all (believe me I'm an advocate), but there are far greater benefits from loosing the clutter. That's where I'm in agreement. The other main advantage is global sharing. You can't share a file cabinet in an old metal case in the basement....but digital files that can be "searched", grouped, sorted, filtered and shared - nice.

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