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How to accept online credit card payments

At times, you or your business may think about selling your product online, but you have no idea where to start. Here is the process laid out for you in black and white.

  1. You must sign up for a merchant account
    This is like a bank account, but it is established with a payment processor in order to collect funds from credit cards.
  2. Sign up for a payment gateway
    A payment gateway provides a means for a program to connect to a payment processor and send them transaction data.
  3. Setup your website to securely send data to the payment gateway
    This is the hardest step for a merchant who isn't technical savvy, but luckily we can help with that portion. In this step we would create an e-commerce application to sell your products. After the logistics of displaying and setting up prices for the products, we program a piece that will securely gather a customers credit card information and then make use of the payment gateway to submit the transaction to the credit card processor.

So the process flows:

  • customer selected products to purchase on website
  • customer enters credit card information on website
  • website validates and sends credit card information to payment processor through gateway
  • credit card processor does internal validation on billing address and available funds
  • the credit card processor then settles the transaction and puts funds into your merchant account
  • you are then able to pull the liquid funds from the merchant account

It's really that simple; In no time at all you can be selling your products online.


Credit Card Processing
08/12/2008 11:56am
Credit Card Processing Blog Business owners must relalize that credit card processing is a must in todays busy marketplace. A merchant account should generate between 25%-60% in gross sales.

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