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Comcast blocks port 25, headache for legitimate users

There have been plenty of rumors about comcast blocking port 25 for their home users ( the port used to transmit email on the internet ). Recently with a couple of our employees we have experienced this issue. Last evening I received a call from one of our employees complaining that he could not send email, the error in his email client saying that it could not connect to the smtp server. He was at home using his comcast line and I was at home using my xmission/qwest line, I was able to connect to the smtp server.

To resolve this issue, I added a firewall rule to forward another port to port 25 on the server, so that the person stuck behind comcast could use the email server. After he changed his email smtp settings, the email started to work instantly. If this isn't enough proof of the port blocking, then I don't know what would be. Too often, Comcast is getting on the nerves of network administrators and internet enthusiasts worldwide, when will the madness stop?


Mary L McCollum
07/18/2011 4:54pm
Can't send outgoing email. Please fix.

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