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Olympic Design

The Olympic games are always rich in creativity and design, but Beijing stands out among all the previous host cities. I find it interesting that a country who, not to long ago, threw their artist and creative thinkers in prison can pull of such an amazing spectacle.

Probably the most noted designs of the Beijing Olympics are the stadiums and buildings. These modern structures rival those of Spain and Paris. The "birds nest" is one of the most unique and technologically advanced stadiums in the world. It was the perfect venue for the opening ceremonies, which was the most amazing production I have ever seen. It was a mix of Cirque du Sole and a blockbuster movie.

The Olympic logo, mascots and pictograms were also very well done. The logo was inspired by the Chinese character "jing" which translates to capital city or "Beijing". The logo may be based of an ancient Chinese character, but the icon translates into any language. The feeling of movement and athleticism is not "lost in translation".

This Olympics will be one that will set the bar for all the upcoming games. Way to go Beijing! Good luck topping this one London!


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