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How to Whitelist Emails

I recently pulled some information from websites that had done some research on various email clients and ISPs to determine how to instruct users the best way to whitelist emails.

Many websites these days allow users to fill out forms. Once the form is submitted, the form submitter receives an automatically generated email confirming their registration, form receipt, etc. How many of these users however do not receive the email because their email account has spam filters that lock out the sender's email? It happens much more often then you think. Email deliverability has becoming increasingly more difficult as major ISP's like Comcast, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and others - keep legitimate emails out of your inbox. Take a look right now, you may be surprised to see a "friendly" email from someone you know sitting in you spam, bulk or email filter folder.

Well - we've warned submitters of our forms to "whitelist your email" or "white list our email" rather - to make sure the message they legitimately want to receive will get delivered, as well as future emails from our company.


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