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IPhone - Google Maps, Two Home Address Fields?

I've recently purchased an iphone 3G - without question the most useful and inteliegently designed electronic device I have ever used. I did run into an interesting problem however. When "Google Mapping" an address and then saving that address to a previously saved contact, there seems to be a bug. Two "home" address fields are created. The problem, the "home"address field which has the newly saved address doesn't sync with Outlook. If I modify the blank "home"address field the value sync's without problem. I've scoured the Outlook metadata looking for a hint, but it's simply not there from what I can see.

Below, "test" syncs with Outlook no problem. The below "home" field was created by Google Maps and did not sync.

I've found nothing on this. Anyone having the same problem?

IPhone - Google Maps, Two Home Address Fields?


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