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My Top iPhone Tips & Tricks

These tricks took be the longest to find and were the most helpful.

  1. Easily go back and edit text while typing. Hold your finger on the word you are typing and the magnifiying glass will appear. This will allow you to move through your text, up-down-left-right, very easily.
  2. Easy period. Double tap the space bar to auto-enter a period.
  3. Favorites. Access your favorites at any time when your phone is unlocked by double-taping the home button. Great for avoiding looking up numbers in your contact list or recent call history.
  4. iPod controls. Listening to music in your car with you phone locked? Just double tap the home button and you can easily control back, forward, pause and volume.
  5. Rearrange your app icons by holding down any icon until all begin to shake. You can then rearrange.

Let me know of any others!


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