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FCC Rules for Wide Open Wi-Fi

Prep Shoot Post has a great entry yesterday about the FCC's ruling in behalf of Google to let any entrepreneur utilize the so-called "junk band" radio spectrum. This is a ton of bandwidth that will be left vacant after the switch from analog TV to digital next February.

This means that wireless internet could be available just about everywhere in the country, opening up business opportunities for not only ISPs, but companies like Google (of course) to compete with cell phone companies using wireless tech instead of cell towers (gPhone anyone?).

Wireless internet could also be used as another delivery device to bring creative content into our homes. This could be a boon for the independent, who no longer needs to court major networks or cable/satellite companies to get their programming seen. Oh sure, you'll still have to promote it, but the distribution cost is nil. Coming from someone who once paid $500 per episode just to get his locally produced show on the air, this is pretty exciting news.

I can totally see the day when every new television sold will come with an ethernet port. Simply plug it into your router, and presto! One million channels at your fingertips.


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