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Wanna make your tripod head spin?

Unless you're not a movie tech-nerd, you may have never heard of the RED camera. Essentially, it's a video camera that can produce resolutions high enough to equal and/or surpass film. The price tag is much lower than a film camera, and there is no more film stock to buy (it records to a hard drive). A purely digital medium has even more meaning as we witness the conversion of movie theaters from film to digital projectors.

RED has just announced its new lineup for next year, and it's a mind-blower. Modular components, different sensors, and crazy-professional accessories are all part of RED's strategy to revolutionize every type of movie production. Just click on the link and prepare to drool. Even though this stuff may be out of my league, you can't help but be impressed by the slickness of it all. I could even afford this stuff if I really wanted. Wild.


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