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Importance of Version Control

Perhaps you are a developer who avidly uses software like subversion or CVS, this article is not for you.
For those who have no idea what version control is or why it is a good idea, listen up.

Version control is a process of managing the ongoing development and edits of programming code and sometimes other digital documents.

Version control helps developers keep track of various edits, even among a group of co-operating developers. When there are many developers working on a project at once it can become a problem to know what others are working on and who has the latest version.

Here at lunawebs, we use Subversion for many of our projects so we can track changes and edits from multiple developers. Using subversion you are able to see the latest changed files and what lines in those files have changed. If it so happened two developers edited the same file at the same time on different computers, then committed the files to subversion, if they edited the same lines, then subversion will inform the last developer to commit that there are conflicts in what he has just written with what the other developer had just comitted.

This is great as it helps keep everyone working effeciently and keeps everyone from stepping on each others toes.


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