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Alumni Website Design and Software

Version 2.3 of our Alumni Web Software has just been launched. We've been developing new features such as a custom forum for alumni organizations and an alumni reunion organizer. In the near future we'll also have the ability for alumni reunion organizers to email their class notifying of upcoming reunions. There may be a small fee to offset bandwidth costs. The greatest part is that the alumni software is a hosted solution starting at only $99/mo. Check out our alumni web design portal for more information.

King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, Massachusetts has an alumni website using our software. They are one of many organizations finding the value in hosted alumni software. When asking the administrator of the website why they didn't just create a group in Facebook - he said it was just too impersonal and public. He likes the fact that information is private to alumni only and it is difficult for spammers to get in there as existing alumni can flag strangers.


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