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ical to vcal converter for Palm from Google Calendar

Why would you need to convert an Outlook ical (.ics) file to vcal (.vcs)? Well - hopefully you don't need to. The .ics is the newer standard for calendar data export that is much more robust then its predecessor. There are times however where it may come in handy. My wife gave her old Sonly Clie TJ-37 (that thing still does a lot at today's standards for a Palm) to my 10 year old son. After a couple of hours of configuring, setting up for home WIFI access, surfing the net, mobile synching with my desktop - he now needs his calendar functioning. So I go to Google calendar to export our "family" calendar so he can have a copy. Well the only format is .ics and the old Palm desktop requires .vcs. After a few google searches I found a very handy converter "icaltovcal".

It worked like a charm.


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