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Commercial Truck Wash Systems

DyChem has developed and manufactured customizable truck washing systems with production in mind. Being able to wash over 100 semi, big rigs, busses or just about any other type of vehicle in 8 hours or less gives logistic companies all over the world the opportunity to keep their vehicles clean and presentable. DyChem has an amazing two-phase chemical application that quickly penetrates dirt and grime making it easy to wash away. Other truck washing systems require brushes that may damage the surface of vehicles. DyChem's truck washing systems have a brushless design making the system easier to maintain. With DyChem's highly efficient and cost effective truck wash systems and equipment keeping vehicles clean and the chrome shining is quick and easy.

Considering how cost effective DyChem truck washing systems are I think every logistic or truck washing company should have one. Being able to clean a big rig in 60 seconds or less is just amazing. I have seen wash bay's that take almost 1o times the ammount of time and effort. DyChem has a significant ammount of information about their commercial truck wash systems online at


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