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Office Efficiency

One of the most critical areas in maximizing the efficiency of an office - especially an office in the IT industry - is the ability of it's members to be prolific in basic computer skills. Even the most accomplished programmer can be sacrificing his or her efficiency by developing "bad habits".

What "bad habits" am I referring to?

There are many - but I am specifically referring to TYPING!

Are you one of those who uses the "hunt and peck" method? Or maybe you've developed habits that are keeping you from maximizing your "speed" at the key board.

If so, read on.

I recently took a test at Knowing that I was by no means the worlds fastest "typer" - the results were eye opening.

Lets say for example that you only type 25-30 WPM and you spend 2 hrs of your day typing. By learning to touch type you could increase your speed to 60 WPM. This will save you:

75 minutes / day
6 hours / week
14 days / year

Who couldn't use an extra 14 days per year!

So this motivated me to teach an "old dog" a "new trick". I have been working on my "touch typing" every night. I purchased a Mavis Beacon product that I highly recommend. It not only teaches typing to the beginner but improves the habits of those who already "touch type". Soon I will be at 60 WPM and will spend those 14 extra days on a beach in Mexico.

So remember - If you feel stressed at work - like there's not enough time in the day - There is a solution.

And it's right at the tip of your fingers.


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