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Noodle Masterpiece, A New Form of Art!

Luna Webs is proud to present one of it's many latest and greatest inventions, innovations and/or creative outlets. As a graphic designer, internet marketing specialist and just all around cool guy I love to let out my creative and genius thoughts and put them on paper or construction paper in this case. The new Noodle Masterpiece program offers a slick and user friendly interface with over 20 colors of construction paper and over a dozen cool and easy to use tools. Join in on the fun and create your own Noodle Masterpiece today. Once you have created your cool work of art using the Noodle Masterpiece's creative program you can save your design and share it with the world! The Noodle Masterpiece program offers all users the ability to save, share and comment on art created by you and other users from around the world. All of the art and content on the Noodle Master Piece is generated through you and other online users. Please help us develop this site into something we can all be proud of. Plans are set and wheels are in motion on many new, fun and award winning additions to this new creative outlet.

Join us today and keep in touch! Noodle Masterpiece will be having an art competition and offering all kinds of great prizes soon.

Noodle Masterpiece - Design, Creation and Inspiration!


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