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A better javascript content editor

In order to give the user more control many turn to content management systems. In my opinion the weak link of almost any content management system is it's wysiwyg editor that the user will use to enter all his content/images for his website.

At best, most wysiwyg editors are clunky; at worst they are downright unuseable. I admit that the technology in this area has been advancing but it still does not feel like it is quite there yet. In terms of open source ready to use components for content editing, tinyMCE is probably the best choice for usability and reliability. However, even tinyMCE has it's own problems and clunkiness. One thing that I've seen that editors have a hard time with is keeping the structure of the underlying html clean of empty unused superflous tags and also maintaining the structure of a predefined set of divs. Many a time if you drop an html document into tinyMCE that contains some preset divs ( for say formatting a left and right column ) if you delete too much text or start to type in the columns, tinyMCE will remove the preset div structure and re-arrange the class names or ids.

Most widely used projects, such as wordpress, have turned to use tinyMCE as their base component for content management/wysiwyg. Wordpress, however, has highly modified the base code of the system to tailor it to specific needs of the system and to remedy some of the shortfalls that the wordpress team has found.


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