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web standards disregarded in Internet explorer, even in modern times

It is appalling, to say the least, to see some of the issues on reported that exist only in internet explorer. Even with the latest and greatest up to date computer running the latest stable version of internet explorer there are still bugs that are remnant of times long ago. For example, you other web developers out there may know what I am talking about here, dropdown boxes in IE cannot have their content updated by innerHTML. If you look at microsoft's own report on the issue, , you will see that they say the issue only applies to internet explorer 5.5 and before. If you take the same test code they give as a way to reproduce the issue and save it to an html file, run it in IE7 the test will fail ( the test in firefox passes of course ).

I am on a PC at work running vista with all windows updates applied which means internet explorer 7 is up to date but these sort of archaic bugs persist. There is a disclaimer on that Microsoft bug page that states that the article was written for products that they will no longer support. Unfortunately this bug is still relevant in the latest versions of internet explorer it's too bad they will not support even their latest software updates.

Microsoft, if it is becoming too difficult to manage the internet explorer project and you are unable to follow standards, maybe it is time to just throw in the towel on internet explorer and start distributing another browser with your operating system. Web developers worldwide would appreciate it.


04/16/2009 9:16am
I couldn't agree more. I've been plagued by IE bugs and non-standards along with many other developers for years. Do any Google search on IE css fix or hack and the listings are never ending. Firefox seems to be the only decent alternative. If we can only get users to stop using IE our coding projects will go a lot faster.

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