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Apply Effects to a Range of Video in Sony Vegas

Sony's Vegas Pro 8 is a wonderful video editor. I am constantly surprised by what it is capable of. Whenever I seem to be searching for some specialized software or plugin, I always come back to find that Vegas can already do what I'm looking for. This happened recently when I needed a bolt of lightning. Why pay for effects software? Vegas' Noise Texture filter has a preset dubbed, you guessed it, "lightning".

Another great feature I recently found was the ability to apply a series of effects found in one clip to however many other clips that I've selected. Simply copy the effected clip, select the range of video you want the same effect(s) to take place on, right click and select "paste event attributes" and you're done. This also applies to pan/crop settings. Just be aware that any previous effects (or pan/crop adustments) used on that range will be replaced by your new parameters.


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