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Keeping it Clean with Search Engine Optimization

Once upon a time the right keyword placement, a strong title and a few links would get you ranked for just about anything. These quick and easy rankings brought in immediate traffic and helped many organizations develop a strong presence online. With today's extremely competitive online market search engine optimization (SEO) has become an advanced playing field. In today's market getting a web site ranked for a competitive term takes time and most definitely requires the help of an SEO expert. There are three kinds of hats an SEO expert can wear in the industry today. There's the clean and ethical hat and there's the down and dirty hat. I know you're thinking what's the third hat? The third kind of hat an SEO expert can wear is the one that falls anywhere between. These three kinds of SEO are know as White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Even though black hat SEO is known to bring in quick and easy traffic it is also perceived as spam or junk by search engines and will quickly fall in the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). Using black hat SEO methods will hurt any organization's presence online. In order to gain a strong and everlasting presence online you need to use white hat SEO strategies and techniques.


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